New Blond Woman | Transformation | February until June 2009

Song Kat the Chav by Olivia Broadfield

Camera | Olivia Güthling
Editing | Arto Buhmann
With Katharina Haverich and Emel Birsin

Yeah who's that girl with the push up bra
Yeah who's that girl driving the white car
It's Kat
And she's a fucking chav

Yeah who's that girl with the ear ring hoops
Yeah who's that girl with stiletto boots
It's Kat
And she's a fucking chav

Katharina Haverich, she's a chav and a fucking bitch
Katharina Haverich, there's no way that she's fucking rich
She buys her clothes at Walmart

yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but

Who’s that girl really strutting her stuff
Yeah she might be hot
But she’s kind of rough

It’s Kat
And she’s a fucking chav

Yeah who's that girl doing her M.A.
Oh she might be smart
But she's an easy lay

It’s Kat
And she’s a fucking chav

Katharina Haverich, she's a chav and a fucking bitch
Katharina Haverich, there's no way that she's fucking rich
She buys her clothes at Walmart

yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but

And if you like this song
Then play it on your cell phone all day long
'Cause we’re too cool for you
We’re too cool for iTunes

And if you like this song
Then play it on your cell phone all day long
'Cause we’re too cool for you
We’re too cool for iTunes

Katharina Haverich, she's a chav and a fucking bitch
Katharina Haverich, there's no way that she's fucking rich
She buys her clothes at Walmart

yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but

As of: ca. 20.June 2009

Outfit | Friederike Brodersen, Katharina Haverich
Make Up | Ben Müller, Katharina Haverich

June 2009
It is complete: I am done. And here are the pictures. Writing will follow!

Saturday, 30.May 2009
These rings are called JANINA and I bought six purple and six silver ones for €1,00 at KIK. At first I only wore 2 or 3 on one arm but I've moved on to deciding what colour I want in the morning and then wear all six at once. I take them off when I'm at work because they are so noisy.

This corset is abslutely intolarable. It came with a g-string and cost €9,99 at KIK and I seriously can't weat it. It pinches, pricks, squeezes and is all over the place when I put it on. I wore it once for 10 hours and then I had to go to the bathroom to take it off and put it in my bag to carry it home. In the top right of the picture you can see that the cup is a little empty. I couldn't feel a thing through the foamed plastic.

This outfit is perfect, I think. The black ONE LOVE leggings Rebecca Rößler lent me, thank you! The top says in golden letters "I am the next big thing", it's definitely from KIK but I can't remember how much it cost. The golden belt came with it but I can take it off before I wash the top. I usually wear my hair back now with my black zig-zag hair circlet.

This belt is called 4 ROWS STUDS and I have to admit that I haven't quite worked out how I have to put it on in order for it to sit (and stay!) lopsided. That's what these belts are about, right, the lopsidedness? €4,99 at FORVER18.

Photo by Ann Kristin Haverich

My shades are called SILKE and cost €3,99 at FORVER18. The tight black jeans I bought back in February/March I think. The top is my personal one. I bought it at H&M in the children's section. The golden belt my sister gave to me and she was given it as a joke from her friends: so, thanks everyone! This picture shows my turned-in-and-back fringe style. That morning large amounts of hair spray were available to me, which helped. An obvious success is the 1/2 jumper from NEW YORKER for €16,95. It's grey and greatly impacts on whatever the outfit is to help make it effective.

This purple-patterned top is also from KIK. With it I wear white 3/4 stretch trousers which I have to wash every time I wear them because they practically draw dirt towards it. I try not to sit down anywhere when I'm outside. The belt, again, doesn't sit lopsidedly.

23.May 2009

Thursday, 21.May 2009
This beautiful picture I took after a sun bed session that just took too long. I felt like the tanning studio lady simply forgot me (accidentally?) in the toasting machine and the lamps just kept burning down on me. Face, bum and cleavage were slightly burnt.

Tuesday, 19.May 2009
Today I proudly present some of my new clothes, a few of which I've had for a while and have already been wearing. Friederike and I went shopping last weekend: check out what we bought on the pictures below!

A mixture of private and project clothes.

My friend Olivia Broadfield bought me this hat, used, for £0,75. She sent it over from England. Despite the label saying "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" it's rather big. Still, I like it. 100% cotton: haven't felt that on my skin for a while. Thanks a lot, Olivia!

The clothes discount store kik and the German version of The Sun are cooperating on the "Volks-Aktion", people's deal, and advertise this affordable Volks-T-Shirt for €1,99. I had to get it.

My new sneakers, size 40 isn't usually mine but whatever. They cost €14,99 at FORVER 18's and are called CANDIES.

Here they are: my new clothes. There are also a few items Rebecca Rößler kindly lent me. I'll show them in more detail at another point, but I already wore some of them last week. Many thanks, Rebecca!

"1 pair of earrings", brand name JANINA for €1,00 from kik.

Friday, 15.May 2009
Oh dear, I'm a little behind with posting stuff. But I went to the tanning studio today. The price for 12 minutes went up from €2.00 to €2.50. Things have moved on. I started putting on a nice a thick eyeliner on my eye lid and I tend to wear my fringe back. Photos will follow this weekend. Also, people have started giving me accessories and clothes they want to be "in the project". Now that I like. So, if you feel like sending me stuff you'd like to see me wear, go ahead! I'll take pictures of what you sent me, wearing it. If you haven't got my address, email me on katharina.haverich[at] No dirty business!

Sunday, 26. April 2009
Ben cut my hair and I have loads of highlights. Very nice. I do miss my Macgyver/ mullet style, but it had lost a lot of its impact due to the lack of cutting it. I'm so totally behind with the tanning studio. There's not much time until June... !

Saturday, 25. April 2009
I dug out this top Friederike and I bought at the very beginning. We bought it at FOREVER 18, on the receipt it says "Knit Mandy" which I love. It has little heart buttons on the front. On this photo you can also see my amazing earrings. They're like spirals with small pink balls dangling inside. When I speak on the phone and busy myself with both my hands (this sounds weird) and put the phone between my cheek and my shoulder I usually loose the connection and put people accidentally on hold. Some of you might have already experienced this. So, that's what happens when I wear those earrings. Just so you know.

Friday, 10. April 2009
Bad news: my golden belt broke. Just fell apart. I bought a new one in purple but it just isn't the same. Must meet with Friederike, urgently.

Thursday, 9. April 2009
My new purse. Long and lilac, very suitable for my purpose, I find. My old red purse is in the background. Some days ago I started wearing mascara every day.

Tuesday, 2. April 2009
My new shoes: pointy, small heels, bright white. €19,90 at Deichmann's, brand name GRACELAND. They make me happy.

Sunday, 29. March 2009
My first tanning salon experience. Yesterday, I went to "sun world sonnenstudios" in Berlin-Friedrichshain. After a short induction into how to handle a solarium, I paid €2,00 for a 12 minute session. The lady at the counter chose the solarium type or modus "soft tanner" for me because it was my first time. At first I felt like getting a computer tomography, at least I thought this is what it must be like. I never had one so far. I would have never expected the UV lamps to be this noisy. When I finally accepted the fact that I was increasing my risk of skin cancer for more or less important reasons I started to relax. I think from now I'll go once a week or so.

Monday, 16. March 2009
This might seem a little unusual, but I bought this furry vest with a diamond zip in a second hand shop. It cost £4,49. Just like the grey bag it's from England. The brand name is MISS POSH and the label in the vest says "Tailored to precision - Expressly for people who want perfection constructed to provide maximum comfort". The fake fur rubs my chin, so my skin goes a little spotty.
In this picture I wear white plastic earrings with a little diamond hanging in the heart. The earrings are called FAIRY and I got them for €1,00 from a shop that's called FOREVER 18.

Sunday, 15. March 2009
I went to England and bought a grey bag at a market stall in a small town called Hinckley. This bag will replace my cool "Freitag" rucksack in the next months. The bag cost me £4.99. It was important to me that it looked girly but would be handy in my everyday life, which means having enough space for folders as well as food etc. Check back for a huge surprise: it's to do with me staying with my friend Olivia Broadfield who's a musician!

Saturday, 20. February 2009
I bought a new belt. It's gold with glittery elements and it's mostly made of plastic. It's a little too long, which is why I tuck it into my jeans.

Monday, 16. February 2009
My new jacket is pretty alright. I sweat a lot wearing it but it keeps me warm. I bought make-up this weekend with Ben Müller and wore heart shaped earrings as a trial. We put on all the make-up we got just to try, including liquid eyeliner and the like... . I looked pretty good this Valentine's Day. Ben also plucked my eyebrows so they have a good shape when we dye them.

Photo by Evy Schubert

Saturday, 13. February 2009
My point of departure.

Tuesday, 11. February 2009
I go to a shop in a big Berlin mall and buy a white down jacket with a brown fake fur collar. It costs 10 EURO (winter sales) and is my first step towards changing into a new woman. I will take some pictures of myself this weekend, so that I remember my point of departure before making further transformational changes.