Doing So Well (ManMadeMan remix) | Music Video | 3 min | HD | 2012
Music video for Olivia Broadfield

Directed by | Arto Sebastian & Katharina Haverich
Cinematography by | Arto Sebastian
With great support of Sohail Afiat and Bettina Krieg

Thanks to Sabahattin Birsin, Selma Birsin and the Unicorn Café

With Olivia Broadfield, Olivia Gräser, Emel Birsin and Asil Arabaci

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Strong Man | Music Video | 5 min | HD | 2011
Music video for Tina Dico

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Written by | Yannick Grothold
Cinematography by | Markus Nestroy
Produced by | Yannick Petzold und Ganya Mosolf
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

With Daniel Drewes and "GAW"

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Regenbogenblick | Music Video | 5 min | Super 8 | 2010
Music video for Herr Koreander

Written and directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Simon Drescher

With Katharina Haverich

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Pelagia | Music Video | 4 min | HD-CAM | 2006
Music video for Robag Wruhme (Wighnomy Brothers)

Written and directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Sebastian Schaffeld

With Stephan Lenze, Katharina Schumacher,
Maximilian Hilbrand und Sven Christlieb

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Maneater | Musikvideo | 5 min | HDV | 2007

Being a photographer isn't easy. But as a true vamp one knows how to handle things.
A still life gone astray.

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Alicja Pahl

With Caroline Bruhn and Aron Lesnik