Desire Will Set You Free | 90 min | Alexa

Written and directed by | Yony Leyser
Mise en Scène | Arto Sebastian
Director of Photography | Ali Gözkaya

With Yony Leyser, Tim Fabian Hoffmann, Chloe Griffin, Amber Benson, Rosa von Praunheim, Peaches, Rummelsnuff, Blood Orange, Crime

Stavanger | Short Film | 35 min | Alexa

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Written by | Jan Berning und Arto Sebastian
Produced by | Karoline Henkel und Jasper Mielke
Cinematography by | Simon Drescher
Edited by | Jan Bihl

With Ulrike Krumbiegel, Olaf Burmeister, Anja Schiffel, Cornelia Constanze Orlow, Marco Albrecht und Christian Alexander Koch

supported by Arte, SWR and the foundations LBBW and Menschenwürdiges Sterben.

Harry's Truckstop | Short film | 20 min | 16mm | Postproduction

Set in the demimonde of motorway services, „Harry's Truckstop“ tells the love story of two people who take everything in life for granted and only realise what they have to lose after they've lost each other.

Written and directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Simon Drescher
Produced by | Yannick Petzold

With Christian Alexander Koch, Cornelia Constanze Orlow, Hans-Maria Darnov and Guido A. Schick

Prädikat "besonders wertvoll" der Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden
Erster Preis des internationalen Wettbewerbs auf der Cinefiesta Puerto Rico - bester Film
Beste Darstellerin für Cornelia Constanze Orlow auf der Cinefiesta Puerto Rico
Lobende Erwähnung der Jury des nationalen Wettbewerbs auf dem Filmfest Dresden
Im Wettbewerb Next Generation des Brussels international Film Festival
Im Wettbewerb des Jameson Cinefest Hungary
Im Wettbewerb des Salon internacional de la luz Bógota

"a well-rounded example in the best tradition of European cinema, with a believable story and characters that impact and remain in your mind well after the film is over."

"Eine ungewöhnliche Liebesgeschichte in einem unvertrauten Milieu. Die Schauspieler zeichnen unter der Führung eines noch jungen Regisseurs ein sehr genaues und detailreiches Portrait Ihrer Figuren ohne diese je preis zu geben"

Schneeblind (WT) | Feature | 90 min | in development
Pitch at the Film School Reception as part of the Berlinale in Berlin

In the winter of 1946 on a remote farm in the Black Forest the blind boy Peter tries to defend his young love against the relentless power of his father.

Director | Arto Sebastian
Written by | Arto Sebastian and Katharina Haverich

Halbmond:abnehmend | 20 min | RED One | 2011
Short film about the state of the union

A day like any other day in a small city like any other small city. The people of Kornwestheim go about their lives and have nothing evil on their minds while the television casts the shadow of an upcoming turn of eras.

A mosque must give way to the rebuilding of a historical swimming pool. Only a formality to some, an inconvenient nuisance to others but for a few people it's the symbol of outright oppression of foreign culture and religion. An attack on freedom, a true catastrophy...

Halbmond:abnehmend shows the everyday life of different people and develops a dark vision of a possible near future which can be prevented - if we want to.

Written and directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Simon Drescher
Produced by | Christian Bahr

With Kristian Wanzl, Sinan Al-Kuri, Markus Tomczyk, Javeh Asefdjah, Samir Fuchs, Roni Mete, Anton Rattinger and Michael Witte

With friendly support of Goethe Institut Germany, DITIB and Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland.

The Old Lady | Short film | 30 min | RED One
Premiere on 22.November 2011 at FILMZ in Mainz

Cambridge Film Festival 2012 (in competition)
Kratkofil Plus 2012 (in competition)
Lichter Filmfest International 2012 (winner: best short)
Raindance Film Festival 2012 (in competition)
The Accolade Competition 2012 (winner: Best of Show)

In a time when the mere publication of a poem may lead to death, the writer Daniil Charms (Mirkus Hahn) plans to write a subversive novel. When he starts his work, disregarding the warnings of his writer-friend Sakerdon (Hendrik Arnst), he receives a visit from a strange old woman. Her sudden death turns Daniil’s life into a nightmare. While the authorities are closing in on him, Daniil gets more and more lost in the entanglements of his novel.

The film is based on the last short story of the surrealist Daniil Charms, who was persecuted during the Stalin-era and died in prison.

Based on a novel by Daniil Charms.

Directed by | Ariane Mayer
Cinematography by | Tim Ottenstein
Written by | Axel Röthemeyer
Produced by | Arto Sebastian Buhmann

With Mirkus Hahn, Hendrik Arnst, Olga Kolb, Helga Boettger, Karla Trippel

supported by Hessian Film Fund, hr and BKM

here today | Short film | 2009

here today is a brief moment in the shaky lives of two very different people.

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Alicja Pahl
Production Design | Gregor Sturm

With Julia Jäger and Ulrich Rechenbach

Fly | Short Film | Berlin 2009
Supported by FFA

Dima, a young thug and free soul, is going to be deported back to Russia. In meeting Sarah who works on a documentary about young foreigners in Germany, he sees a chance to stay. He becomes the main subject of Sarah's film and goes into hiding with her. Just for the sake of the film of course … his immediate worries about the future stay with him.

Soon enough, Dima adjusts to Sarah’s easy and aimless lifestyle even though there are dangers looming ahead. He is becoming increasingly dependent on her. Enjoying a safe hideaway, good sex, and the attention as a movie protagonist, he gets emotionally tied up. Sarah also enjoys the fun times with Dima, but it’s more like a little adventure for her. Until reality hits their lives…

Directed by | Piotr J. Lewandowski
Cinematography by | Lars Petersen
Produced by | Arto Sebastian Buhmann and Benjamin Deiss
Production Design by | Patricia Walczak

With Sandra Hüller, Jacob Matschenz, Oktay Özdemir, Peter Moltzen...

From the Golden Times | Short Film | Berlin 2008
After Charles Bukowski

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Alicja Pahl

With Bernhard Dechant, Wolfgang Michalek

Aquarius | Short Film | Berlin 2008
A 48 hour Film Project

Leon Koch seeks the elixir of life...

Directed by | Arto Sebastian
Cinematography by | Alicja Pahl

with Felix Zimmer

Five Gold Rings | Feature Film | England 2005
After the theatrical piece by Joanna Laurens

Directed by | Katharina Haverich
Cinematography by | Arto Sebastian & Maike Reinert
With Richard Tomlins, Kelly Higgs,
Daniel Hawthorne, Lucy Holtom and Ellis Creez